Wuyi Instinct Outdoor Products Co., Ltd(former as Wanlong Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd) was founded in 2004 through a commitment for helping wholesalers&retailers develop and maintain successful programs for consumers who enjoy an active lifestyle in all facets of life.

With 15 years manufacture experience, we grow fast and become a leading partner with the World’s largest retailers such as Aldi, Lidi, Action and Walmart.

We work in primary categories such as camping, fishing and aquatic sports like air loungers, hammocks, camping chairs and inflatable mattress.  

As a company we are passionate about working with our retail and wholesale partners to help identify product, consumer and technology trends.

We also provide design, engineering and graphic services that deliver solutions that speak directly to their customer base. And we also have many patents of some main products to keep our products always have the advantages.  

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best value, latest technology and highest quality products in the active-lifestyle market. We strive to be a trusted advisor and business partner.

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